Resolution 2MP 2MP
Cameras support Up To 8 Cameras Up To 8 Cameras
HDD Preinstalled 0TB/1TB/2TB 0TB/1TB/2TB
Field of view 90° 90°
Night Vision 24pcs LEDs, Up to 80ft 24pcs LEDs, Up to 80ft
Local storage Yes, up to 8TB Yes, up to 8TB
Cloud storage No No
Weaterproof IP66, -10°C to 60°C IP66, -10℃ to 60℃
24/7 recording Yes Yes
Remote access Yes Yes
Video playback Yes Yes
Backup Yes Yes
Compatible Camera 1AC-106, 1AC-261, 1AC-211, 1AC-419 1AC-106, 1AC-261, 1AC-211, 1AC-419

Analog CCTV Security System

Zosi CCTV analog security camera system is the most affordable security product, providing comprehensive anti-theft protection for homes, offices, and shops.


Hybrid Capability 4-in-1 DVR

Zosi 4-in-1 DVR with self-adaptive technology supports 4 kinds of camera models: TVI/CVI/AHD/CVBS, with no need to switch camera mode, and PAL/NTSC format.

H.265+ Video compression

H.265+ delivers sharper and smoother video streaming, without buffering and latency, and saves about 50% bandwidth and storage compared with H.264 standard.

Smart Light and Siren Alarm

Human-activated strobe light and siren warning help stop crime before it happens. Keeps guard 24/7 and lets you stay protected even when you are asleep.

PIR Motion Detection

It offers accurate detection with smart PIR sensor, and thus highly reduces false alerts on irrelevant objects’ movements.

Continuous 24/7 Recording

Zosi analog DVR system supports a total storage capacity of up to 8TB HDD, and 24/7 nonstop recording of up to 8 cameras at the same time.

Infrared Night Vision

Get a sharp and crisp image day or night with the IR-CUT filter, up to 80ft night vision in total darkness and 130ft Night vision in ambient light.

Easy Access within minutes

Check-in Zosi Smart App wherever you have an internet connection. Free App for Live View & Playback on Smart Devices with WiFi or 2G/3G/4G anywhere anytime.

More Smart Home Features

Smart customized motion detection, smart motion alerts. Designed for use in all-weather and environments.

Please refer to the specific ZOSI Analog Security Camera System product page for details.


  • What is an analog camera system?

    An analog camera system refers to a traditional CCTV system that utilizes analog cameras. These cameras transmit video signals over coaxial cables to be recorded on devices such as VCRs or DVRs. In contrast, IP cameras are digital cameras that convert video into digital signals and transmit them over a network, typically Ethernet, for storage on a network or in the cloud.

  • What is the system of CCTV camera?

    A CCTV camera system makes use of video cameras, also called surveillance cameras to keep track of the interior and exterior of a property, transmit the signal to a monitor or set of monitors, and give real-time 24/7 viewing access.

  • Which is better CCTV or IP camera?

    Choosing between CCTV and IP cameras depends on your needs and budget. CCTV offers lower resolution but is more affordable, while IP cameras provide higher quality and features at a higher cost. So, if budget is a concern, CCTV may be a cost-effective choice despite lower resolution. If you prioritize quality and features, consider IP cameras.

  • What is smart CCTV system?

    A smart CCTV surveillance system uses IP cameras to monitor property and record all data to a cloud storage platform. It enables data from multiple facilities to be uploaded to the cloud.

  • What is the difference between CCTV and surveillance cameras?

    CCTV cameras are a subset of video surveillance cameras, and both can use wired or wireless data networks for transmitting footage. The key difference is that CCTV cameras are typically associated with closed-circuit systems, while video surveillance encompasses a wider range of camera types and system configurations for monitoring and recording.

  • What is the difference between analog and digital CCTV systems?

    Image Quality: The image quality from digital security cameras is significantly higher than analog, with many cameras capable of recording and transmitting high-definition video. Plus, digital cameras are more likely to have digital zoom features, which can have zoom distances over 100ft.